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  1. Izllude

    Greatest Update as of January 22,2019

    whenever i get near that greatest general in payon i got dc and get this error mssge..attached below
  2. Izllude

    Greatest Update as of January 22,2019

    Battle With The Greastest Monsters: (HOT) random respawn map inside town? or there is a particular spot where that monster shows?
  3. Izllude

    Update as of January 15, 2019

    can u tell which mini bosses drops CPE?
  4. Izllude

    Upgraded Set [ Effects ]

    there ya go..thnx c",)
  5. Izllude

    Upgraded Set [ Effects ]

    poor snipers...they will be like useless because of the effects 😞 poor me and congratz to all wiz
  6. Izllude

    Scroll of The Week - EP01

    Just a little bit curious about those special items, do they have special buff /attributes? or they are just like Costumes?
  7. Izllude

    [New] Boss Nest

    1st blood! :)
  8. Izllude

    GM support recruitment form

    General Information Name:Francis Inciong Age:35 Gender:Male Location:Morong Rizal Languages:English, Tagalog Educational Attainment:Information Technology Previous Experiences:Technical Support/Customer Support Facebook Profile Link:https://web.facebook.com/PlayMateZ Getting us know you better Are you a team player?Yes Can you work under pressure?Yes How long did you play Ragnarok?Since 2004 Are you familiar with Ragnarok game play very well?id say 50/50 but with the help of "Kumparengl" Google ill say YES Do you have experience managing Ragnarok server?No Are you able to speak or talk professionally? Yes Are you willing to follow instructions?YES Tell us why we should have you as one of our support:Ive been in a Support Industry for more than 7 yrs now. I work as a Technical and Customer Support. I love answering queries and provide them step by step instructions as needed. i can help your Clients by answering their questions Ingame or Technical Issues in the server.Also with combined experience as a support and as a gamer i know that having a FUN and Livelier Server makes the game last,that is why i will make sure to come up an idea to provide FUN and HAPPY server. and for a change.
  9. Izllude


    NOTED po admit..at dahil aun ang request nya sa kanya lang po un..saakin po is ung Otherway around hahaha :))