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List of common technical difficulties in running Pinoy-RO explained

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Everyday we receive a lot of complains regarding how to run Pinoy-RO properly. Since most of the questions we received are the same all the time so I will take my time to enumerate all the possible difficulties we encountered when running Pinoy-RO.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Whenever I play I always encountered Gepard Shield error and I need to relog again.


The previous gravity error log is now the gepard shield error log. There are times that you encounter it because some elements are failed to load, your cpu usage reaches 100%, you have intermittent connection but when this error persist all the time it means that you have missing some core files of Pinoy-RO so it don't run properly. I strongly recommend that you should download the full client because it solves 95% of the error all the time.



2. I used the full client to install Pinoy-RO however when I open it the client open and afterwards it automatically closes.


Its another symptoms of "The application has failed to start side-by-side configuration is incorrect." there are times that you wont receive a message like that but to fix that error click this link



3. My Gepard Shield detected that im using a macro even if I don't have it.


Only means that you have attempt to use third party programs in Pinoy-RO. However Gaming keyboard/mouse, built in laptop keyboard have their own programs which blocked by Gepard Shield. I suggest that you must disabled your built-in macro in your gaming keyboard/mouse while in built in laptop keyboard you have to use a conventional usb keyboard to play Pinoy-RO.



4. Whenever I open Pinoy-RO it opens a very small window.


a. Right click on your Pinoy-RO patcher or exe and go to properties then compatibility mode and change it to windows xp or windows 7 if you're using windows 8 or higher. Run it as administrator.


b. Download the old setup version of RO and change your screen resolution and run it as administrator.



5. When I run the game it says your exe file is corrupted.


Your exe file is more likely contaminated by some virus or you applied some modification which gepard shield doesn't recognize. Like I said above downloading the full client will solve most of the issues.



6. I installed the full client but when I open my Pinoy-RO it says gepard.dll or whatever dll not found.


It only means that your anti-virus treats Pinoy-ro file as virus but don't panic because its not a virus, all you need to do is to disable your antivirus and add Pinoy-RO to the execptions and turn on again your antivirus and you can run the game. In case of missing dll files you can download the missing dll files from the internet.



7. When I login to the game it always says " Failed to connect server"


When you encounter that problem only means that you are not connected to the internet but for some reasons are your client is outdated or not receiving any updates and your firewall restricts Pinoy-RO. To fix it always patch your client and open your firewall and add Pinoy-RO to the exceptions.



8. My homunculus doesn't attack even if I have azzyai.


Homunculus auto-attack is curerntly disabled and it will be enabled soon



9. Error 9 - Invalid file has been detected.


It means that you save some files that are not related to Pinoy-RO (ex. pornographic movies, hentai movies, pictures, and etc) all you need to do is remove the file from Pinoy-ro folder or reinstall the full client.



10. I played Pinoy-RO in android phone but I can't turn the effects on


Our current android app is still under development so some glitches are still present but our developer is already addressing the problem.



11. Can't download the game.


The reason is there is a large volume of internet traffic that prevents you from downloading the game but we have multiple mirrors so whenever the first link is broken you can use the second link since it contains the same files.


12. I opened my Pinoy-RO and it says "NDL Error."


Your gepard shield detected that you modified your grf files like (custom grf, zero delay sprite, etc) to solve this problem you can download the lite or full installer of Pinoy-RO.



If you encountered error which are not mentioned above just feel to post it so we can get updates how to fix it.

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