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Changelogs as of December 5, 2018

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PinoyRO Changes & Updates
December 5, 2018



Quest Update (New): @to quest 

  • Poring Soap Pipe
  • Yao Jun Hat
  • Vagabond Wolf Hat
  • Neko Mimi
  • Wanderer's Sakkat
  • Sales Banner


Coupon Shop (New): @to couponshop 

  • Strawberry in Mouth
  • Firinto Scarf
  • Magical Booster
  • Celine Ribbon


Coin Shop (New): @to coinshop 


  • Crow Tengu Mask
  • Classic Hat
  • Clock Casket
  • Mad Hatter
  • Cat Ears Hat
  • Fairy Ears

Donation Shop (New): @to donation 


  • Costume Wing Collectors Box Allstats + 1



============================= Lotti Gurl Season1 =============================




Lotti Gurl Event [ Season 1 ]


I'm Lotti gurl ! I'll exchange cool random prizes for every 50,000z

🔥 Special Prizes:

  • Academy Freshman Hat
  • Honey Bee Hat
  • Rose Of Crimson
  • Samurai Mask
  • Antler Fedora
  • Ignis Cap


🔥 Our Grand Prize:

  • Peco Ears
  • White Musang Hat
  • Black Musang Hat


When: December 06,2018 PHT
From 10:00PM - 10:30PM

See you all guys at prontera city!

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