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End Users License Agreement (EULA)
 1. PinoyRO rules apply to all players without exception.
 2. User automatically accepts PinoyRO rules after account registration.
 3. Ignorance or misunderstanding of PinoyRO rules is not an excuse for non-compliance.
 4. Prohibits the promotion or providing any information about other gaming servers.
 5. PinoyRO staff will not deal with issues related to the purchase or selling of character, item or game currency.
 6. PinoyRO staff have the right to:
   a) Assess the actions of users and impose any sanctions on them in cases not covered by these rules as it deems necessary.
   b) To consider and decide on collective requests from users.
   c) To change the rules without the consent of users.
   d) To make changes to operation of the server, of its services at its discretion.
 7. Responsibility of the owner of the account, regardless of who performed the action that account, as well as all the accounts for which came from a computer intruder.
 8. In the case of repeated violations at the same point applies a more severe penalty.


Game Client
 1. Prohibited to modify PinoyRO client to obtain any advantage related to the gameplay.
 2. Prohibited to disclose or discuss software specifics, state of PinoyRO server, which could become available to users of the server.
 3. Game client is strictly prohibited to replace/modified monsters sprites.
 4. Allowed to use multiple windows
Related Software (Third-party software)
 5. Prohibited the use of packet and visual bots or any other programs involved in the gameplay, except allowed software.
 6. Prohibited the use of software errors in the game client or server to receive any advantage.
 7. Prohibited public dissemination, discussion of software and ideas that can break the gameplay.
 8. Prohibited the use of timer, auto clickers, packet injection softwares, bots and auto pots softwares.


Security of your account
 1. You are responsible for the security of your account.
     Please choose strong passwords and do not share information to outsiders.
 2. When you send your account data information to third parties (including members of the guild, friends, scammers, links, viruses),
     your gaming values will not be returned.
 3. When you send your gaming values to third parties (including members of the guild, friends, scammers, links, viruses),
     your gaming values will not be returned.
 4. The server staff is not responsible for stolen gaming values.
     The next time, please choose a strong password and keep it secret.
 5. Please do not use the same combination of login/password/e-mail from others and on other game projects.
 6. Server staff will not require you account passwords. We have all the information about your account.
     We may require to inform your login/username, ISP name, email and IP address.
 7. Prohibited unauthorized access to game accounts or hacking of accounts.

 1. Not allowed to perform any actions that could disrupt the gameplay or lead to unstable server.
     Also prohibited withholding information about such actions.
 2. Prohibited disrespectful and degrading treatment to the other players.
 3. Forbidden to impersonate PinoyRO staffs.
 4. Forbidden to demand information from other players, they can be considered secret.
 5. Main towns is prohibited to use skills too often or what they called spamming and use warp portals on respawn points.
 6. Prohibited disrespectful appeal to PinoyRO staffs.
 7. Prohibited behavior that interferes with the gameplay, other players or PinoyRO staffs.
 8. Prohibited to use of skills and items that interfere another player, with the exception of the situation for PvP and MvP.
 9. Prohibited to harass other players and PinoyRO staffs.
 10. To exclude stealing monsters, use the command @noks.
 11. Prohibited to use “Ice Wall” in the following cases:
     a) Blocking players and opened warp portals in the towns.
     b) Blocking a standard warp portal (to change location).


MvP/Mini-Boss gameplay
 12. Allowed any interference.
       Kill steal on MvP: allowed.
       Kill steal on MiniBoss:


Vending rules
 13. Do not put false advertisements in the shop title with the intention of deceiving buyers.
 14. Do not attempt to block vending locations for the sole sake of reserving space.
       PinoyRO staffs reserves the right to kick and/or punish offending shops at their discretion.
 15. Do not set up a Buying Store where you buy items for less than their NPC value.


Communication with other players
 1. Prohibited swearing, profanity, insults, threats, blackmail, sexual harassment, incitement of ethnic, Interracial discord.
 2. Prohibited spam and flood in general chat, writing one word per line, writing all uppercase words (CAPS LOCK),
     repetitive messages, annoying advertising messages.
 3. Prohibited gossiping, misinformation about PinoyRO and other players.
 4. Rules of communication in the Guild regulated according to the rules of the Guild and Guild creator.
 5. Rules of communication in the Party regulated according to the rules of the Party creator.
 6. Prohibits the use and promotion of any form of game or other gaming community.

Communication with the PinoyRO server staffs.
 7. When communicating with PinoyRO server staffs player must be courteous, polite and patient.
     The player must briefly, clearly and without the use of slang to talk about their problem or answer questions posed over PinoyRO staffs.
 8. Player must not interrupt PinoyRO server staffs, to speak about his professional abilities, sarcastically mocked him.
 9. It is forbidden to ask PinoyRO server staffs to do something that is not part of his duties.
 10. Responding to questions from PinoyRO server staffs prohibited concealment, false misrepresentation.
 11. Do not induce PinoyRO server staffs for no reason, creating obstacles and distract PinoyRO server staffs duties.
 12. PinoyRO Server staffs does not respond to questions about the gameplay.

 1. Sanctions are applied in the presence of direct evidence from server violations.
    a) Screenshot attached to the complaint on the character.
        Must necessarily be clear violation of the rules and nick offender.
        Prohibited editing screenshots (changes or image resizing).
        Chat should be open to a maximum height.
    b) Presence at the time of violation of the rules representative of the server staff.
    c) Server logs, directly indicating a violation of the rules or the violator.
 2. Period of validity screenshot - no more than 3 days.
 3. Your evidence and description of the infringement should be sent to our forum via private messages.
     Applications submitted by other means will not be considered.


If you violate the rules, PinoyRO server staffs can apply the following sanctions against violators
 1. Account deletion - Delete from server account with all the characters being on it.
 2. Deleting a character - Delete from the server specified character in the account.
 3. Account blocking - blocking use your account for a while or forever.
 4. Jail time
 5. Confiscation of property - Complete or partial confiscation of property from the one character or all the characters are on the account.
 6. A silence (mute) - Blocking send messages character for a while.
 7. Blocking of IP address - Blocking access to PinoyRO game server from a specific IP or group of IP's.
 8. Blocking of hardware ID - Blocking access to PinoyRO game server from a specific hardware or group of hardware ID's.



You can download our server rules text version here PinoyROrules.txt

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