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Scroll of The Week - EP01

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Grab our Scroll of the week now and get a random in-game item. You might be the next person to possess the power of these rare goodies with stats!


A scroll which contains
- Guyak Pudding x10
- Steamed Tongue x10
- Dragon Breath Cocktail x10
- Hwergelmir's Tonic x10
- Steamed Desert Scorpions x10
- Immortal Stew x10
- Cooked Nine Tail's Tails x10

*** Special Item's ***
- Flame Cyclop's x1
- Flame Bundanna x1
- Flame Aura x1

👉 Scroll Located: @to donation 👈

[Note]: Patch your Pinoy-RO patcher to avoid error in-game!


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Just a little bit curious about those special items, do they have special buff /attributes? or they are just like Costumes?

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