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7v7 Event ( 07/02/2019 )

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Frost 7v7 Event February 07,2019 (8:00PM GMT+8)
#NoUnfro #NoDruid

🔥 Rules: 🔥

🔹 1. 1 job class per party and must be members of the guild. BIOCHEMIST IS ALLOWED.
🔹 2. First one to eliminate the opposing guild moves on.
🔹 3. If only 1 party registers, they will win by default.
🔹 4. No Soul Link Buffs/Skill & Job
🔹 5: No outside buffs allowed. Only buffs from participants who will join are allowed.
🔹 6. No WOE BG Pots,Gems
🔹 7. Marc Card & Evil Druid Disabled
🔹 8. Best out of 3 match.

Winners will receive: 20CashPoints Envelope , 100Pvp Boxe's , 100WoE Boxes and 100KOE Boxes

Consolation Prize: 7CashPoints Envelope , 50Pvp Boxe's , 50WoE Boxes and 50KOE Boxes

To register please comment your guild name and guild leader or use @request ingame.

REGISTRATION ENDS AT 7:00PM. February 07,2019





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