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Update as of February 07,2019

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(New) KoE Prizes:

  • Online Coin x10
  • Pinoy Coupon x20
  • Pinoy Coin x20
  • KoE Box x5


(New) Donation Shop:

  • Venom Valkyrie Helm
  • Vicious Valkyrie Helm
  • Knight Helmet
  • Elmo Do Dragao
  • Elmo Do Drago Dourado
  • Scream Mask
  • Saw Mask
  • Orange Hollow Mask
  • Hell Inferno Wing
  • Yellow Snowflake Wing
  • BloodySword of Dragon


(New) Pinoy Coin Shop:

  • Bengal Tiget Hat
  • Black featherred hat
  • Black Dragon Head
  • Eskimo Goggles
  • Brown Flock of Bats
  • Falling Snow

(New) Online Coin Shop:

  • Broom Rider Hat
  • Chieftain Hat
  • Creed Helm
  • Crystal Aura
  • Falling Money
  • Spring Flower Ring
  • Shanks Cape
  • (New) Pinoy Coupon Shop:
  • Dynasty Helm
  • Golden Bishop Helm
  • Hercules Cap
  • Hauting Spirits
  • Flower Aura New

(New) Hourly Shop:

  • Greek Hoplite Helm
  • Fairy Dragon Hat
  • King Cap
  • Mechanical Plant Cap

(New) Costume Quest Shop:

  • Sanctity Helmet
  • Sanctity Wings
  • Floating Easter Balloon

(New) Battleground Shop:

  • Valentine's Box
  • Uncle Sam Hat
  • Uk Hat


[Note] Kindly patch your Pinoy-ro patcher to avoid error in-game!

Thank you 😍



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