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War Of Emperium [Change log]

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GoodDay, Ka PinoyRO!


Everyday War of emperium with 4 different castles. to encourage other players to create their own guilds to balance the distribution of WoE card and giving other the chance and opportunity to have one. We also change the guild member limit to 20 players! 


Castles List:


Repherion - Geffen

Rothenburg - AldeBaran

Sacred Altar - Payon

Fadhgridh - Prontera


WoE Starts at 10:00PM TO 11:00PM PHT


War of Emperium SE and FE modified Treasure Chest

New Treasure Drop :  WoE Card

  • Mob ID: 3021 and 3022 for First Edition Castle



This changes will be effective as of today March 23,2019



We have the rights to change all the subjected updates and features at anytime!




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